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Features and Benefits, Culhane Training Manuals

Dealers interested in carrying our training products should consider the following features and benefits:

  • Well Established Canadian Aviation Industry Product. Our products are well known in the aviation training industry: Culhane training manuals used by many pilots in Canada for both fixed and rotary wing self study exam preparation. Brand recognition of our products means our products often sell themselves. Our line of pilot training manuals will be immediately known and recognized, having ongoing, healthy market demand and offering the benefit to our dealers of not being an unproven, untested and unknown product.
  • Based 100% on Transport Canada Study and Reference Guides. We see it as extremely important that any aviation training manual be based on the current Transport Canada subjects as listed in the current Study and Reference Guides, since these are the formal exam subjects. Accordingly, all of our manuals have been written to the relevant, current Transport Canada Study and Reference Guides. As well, all of our courses contain the current Transport Canada subject codes with INTERNAL CROSS REFERENCES so that our subjects can be immediately referenced to Transport Canada's assigned subjects and subject codes.
  • Course to Supplemental Exams Format. In our view, there are two distinct stages to preparing for a Transport Canada written: STAGE 1 is to learn the required background subjects thoroughly, and this is the purpose of our ground school course manuals. STAGE 2 is to write multiple sets of realistic sample exams so as to identify any subjects needing further review and to develop test taking skills, and this is the role of our written test books. In our view this two-stage process is the most intelligent and efficient system to follow to prepare for the Transport Canada writtens.
  • High Value. Our manuals are reasonably priced for the high value they offer.
  • Up-To-Date and Current. All of our titles are kept CURRENT by being re-issued yearly. No supplemental amendments need be sought or purchased since our manuals are kept up-to-date.
  • Extensive Range of Titles. We offer individual titles for ALL LEVELS of licences and ratings for aeroplanes and helicopters, from student pilot through ATPL. Those that have used our system for one level of licence or rating will be using the same familiar and known method to prepare for more advanced levels. Thus we offer a PROGRESSIVE SYSTEM such that our manuals will be available at every level as career oriented pilots progress through basic to advanced aviation licences.
  • Ideal for Fast Track Study. Since all of our manuals are written so as to focus on relevant subjects only, users of our manuals will SAVE TIME since the user will not be wasting time studying non-essential or irrelevant subjects. Most users of our courses and test books are ready for their TC writtens within only a few weeks of self study.
  • Self Study Format. Our course manuals and exams are IDEAL for self study. Our course manuals are all loaded with examples and exercises, including complete, detailed step-by-step instructions for complex problems and calucation chains. Users of our manuals can immediately begin their study preparation with minimal guidance and supervision since our system is pre-programmed for self-instruction.
  • Transport Canada Ground School as Self Study. Should the student's flight training unit approve of using our manuals for self study, this will be ACCEPTED by Transport Canada for the purposes of ground school experience for the PPL and CPL licences. Flight training unit supervised home study hours using our manuals can be entered directly into the student's PTR and counted towards Transport minimums therby speeding up the student's ground school progress.
  • Comprehensive, Self Inclusive, Independent. Those using our ground school course and test book for preparing for the written for a particular licence will not require any other secondary texts or references. All relevant subjects are found within our manuals in a SINGLE SOURCE.
  • Training Establishment Neutrality. Our training manuals are training establishment NEUTRAL. We are not directly involved in the in-flight training business and our training manuals are not secondary products provided by a primary flight training operation. Thus, flying schools that purchase and resell our training manuals will not be inadvertently supporting their competition.
  • Professional Product. Far too often in Canada aviation students are provided with piles of messy, un-organized photocopies and notes produced by novice or itinerant instructors as ground study material. Our products are professional texts that meet training industry standards and provide a clean and ORGANIZED structure. Those schools that adopt our line will be training their customers to a higher, more professional standard that will be obvious and appreciated by customers.
  • Realistic Exams. Our proprietary exam questions provided in our written test books are REALISTIC and written as close as possible to the latest Transport Canada tests in terms of content and difficulty. Performance on our tests is an ACCURATE AND RELIABLE indication of performance on the Transport Canada tests. Those that can handle our exams will have no difficulty handling Transport Canada's exams.
  • Profitable for Dealer. We offer a generous range of dealer discount tiers based on volume that will ensure all of our dealers, from single-aeroplane flying schools and freelance instructors through aviation colleges and international aviation product wholesalers will all make a PROFIT re-selling our product. Since our line of pilot training manuals is always in demand, those dealers that carry our line will have no trouble selling our manuals and will find them to provide a healthy source of ongoing retail revenue.
  • Prompt Shipping and Delivery. We work hard to keep all of our product on hand and ship our dealer orders ASAP. We use expedited, traceable parcel shipping and our dealer orders typically arrive within 1 - 10 business days of ordering.
  • Free, Readily Available Updates. Significant updates made to our training manuals (during their current edition period) are posted to our website under our "updates" section. This ensures that users will have access to any mid-year changes that can arise such as regulatory changes, additional content, revisions etc. These updates are available for free with NO PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS or special payments required.
  • Canadian Content. Our training manuals are completely CANADIAN. Canadian pilots deserve materials written to Canadian standards since our system has its own UNIQUE training requirements and regulations. Those studying for Transport Canada writtens based on foreign texts risk learning subjects/rules that do not apply to Canada. Those using our texts avoid the difficult and tedious task of sorting out differences between foreign standards and Canadian standards.
  • Linkage to Online Training Products. Since our online training products inclusive of online ground school and online exams have been extensively cross-referenced and linked to our training manuals, dealers carrying our product will see enhanced demand for our text by customers that use our online products. More and more flight training students are using the internet for training and we are actively generating useful online products that are designed to enhance demand for our training texts.

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