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Independent Dealer Program (IDP)

Individual persons interested in selling aviation training products may order our products at discounted prices from our dealer price list based on our IDP. To qualify for IDP you must have an established aviation training products/services related business, and your business must be properly registered so that you comply with applicable laws/bylaws that apply to running a business in your community (including collecting and remitting GST/HST/PST as applicable). To apply for our IDP please email us and let us know your full legal name, your business/trade name, your address and phone number(s), website URL if any, your provincial tax and GST registration numbers and a brief outline of your business plan. We will consider your application and we will confirm whether you qualify for our IDP within 2 - 3 days and at that time if you qualify, you will be permitted to order our products from us at our wholesale prices as would any other dealer.

We reserve the right at our option to refuse to award or to revoke IDP dealership privileges or to change eligibility requirements for a particular discount level at any time and in our sole discretion.

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