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Dealers Frequently Asked Questions

Can we order your manuals from our preferred aviation products wholesaler/distributor? Of course. We encourage you to order our manuals from whatever source is your preference. A big advantage to ordering from an authorized Culhane wholesale distributor is that all our manuals can be obtained from a local source along with other required items. Shipping times in many cases can also be significantly reduced. Since our authorized wholesaler distributors are free to set their own independent prices and terms for discounts, we encourage shopping for the best available price and discount.

We have been purchasing your manuals from our preferred Culhane authorized wholesale distributor. Can we participate in your annual rebate based on shipping our manuals for return direct to our wholesaler? No. Our rebate offer is not transferrable, and we do not authorize any third party firms to extend the terms of our rebate offer on our behalf. All firms wishing to participate in our rebate must deal directly with us. We require this so that we can recover our costs in providing the free rebate. As is typically the case with most manufacturer's rebates, one must deal directly with the manufacturer (us) to obtain the rebate.

Do you offer your rebate every year? Normally, yes, we do offer our annual rebate on an annual basis, however, we reserve the right not to offer the annual rebate in our sole discretion.

The XYZ company who is our competition is selling your manuals at lower retail prices than we do. Is there anything you can do to prevent them from doing this? Based on Canadian competition laws, it is up to each individual business to determine its own selling price of our product based on the theory that competition is healthy for our economy. We cannot control or enforce the ultimate retail price at which a given retailer chooses to sell our product. Even in cases where our manuals are being sold below cost, which can in some cases be contrary to the Competition Act, it remains the responsibility of any detrimentally affected retailer to file a complaint with the Competition Bureau. Barring extreme cases involving obvious illegal activity, we rarely have involvement in this matter and view inter-dealer competition over retail pricing as a healthy and normal business activity. We do however have a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy that is in effect for all authorized dealers of Culhane training manuals. Our MAP policy restricts the minimum advertised price by our authorized dealers of our current editions to not less than the suggested retail, but it does not limit or restrict the actual selling price. Please contact us if you believe a firm has violated this policy.

What are the principal benefits to carrying your line of training manuals? First and foremost, when it comes to aviation self study courses and referenced exam books in Canada, we are the ones that "wrote the book" i.e. we are number one in our field. We have succeeded in our market because our products offer excellent value to the end user. Our manuals are Canadian-only content, are kept up to date, and are currently being used by a large majority of pilots throughout Canada for all levels of aviation licences and ratings. Thus, those stocking and re-selling our publications will find a healthy, continuous level of ongoing demand for our product, and a steady stream of customers will be looking for our product line. If you carry our publications, that by itself will get many customers into your business, and these customers will also be requiring other aviation training products such as maps, flight computers etc. (as well as flight training!) and our study guides can be used as a "springboard" for a host of other secondary products that can catch your customers' interest once in your facility seeking one of our manuals. Since our titles cover all licences and ratings, you can expect significant repeat business from users of our manuals as they return to purchase more advanced training manuals as they progress toward more exotic licences and ratings. As well, since we offer an annual rebate, dealers can avoid getting caught with out-dated inventory, which is an important consideration when re-selling any Canadian aviation text where the rate of regulatory change is high. We also offer an attractive array of volume discounts that are available to all dealers - since we place no territorial or other restriction on who are utimately going to distrubute our product line, many selling and distributing possibilities can be found to fit each particular business.

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