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Once you have paid the required fee, we will immediately send you a confirmation of payment. Then, within 24 hours of sending your confirmation, you will be e-mailed separately a personal, confidential user access name and password. Your payment of the registration fee entitles you to 60 days access to the appropriate exams, as counted from the day we e-mail your password and user-name. Following expiry of the 60 day time limit, your registration will expire. If you wish to continue completing our online exams beyond the 60 day limit, you will have to re-register for another 60 days at the normal fee. Your user-name and password are confidential and you agree as a condition of using our service that you will protect this private information and will not give away, transmit or divulge your user-name and/or password to third parties nor permit any non-registered user to access our service using your credentials.

Online Exam Structure

Each of our online exams is constructed as a complete, simulated Transport Canada written exam. The exams have a self grading feature, such that following completion of each exam, it can be automatically marked. For each exam, a link is provided for a complete answer key which will have the correct answers for each question presented, along with background references to our training textbooks.

Web Browsers, Technical Requirements

Our online exams do not depend on or require any sophisticated web features and should run fine on all html capable browsers such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. It would be helpful if your web browser is "JavaScript" capable, because the automated scoring and automated timer features of our exams are based on JavaScript applications. However, even if your computer is not JavaScript capable nor JavaScript enabled, you can still self-mark the online exams using the answer keys provided and use a simple watch or clock to time yourself. The "accept cookies" feature of internet web browsers is not necessary and need not be enabled for purposes of completing our online exams.

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