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General Information

We are pleased to offer the Canadian aviation community our online ground school courses, written and developed by Michael J. Culhane, ATPL. The purpose of each of our online ground school courses is to prepare you to succeed on your Transport Canada written. Using our online ground school, you can fast track your exam preparation to match your own individual pace, from the convenience of your home, office or wherever you have access to the web. The internet permits access to our courses 24 hours per day, whenever you have free time available to study, from anywhere in the world. Since the internet offers such an effective means to deliver distance learning programs, significant cost savings can be achieved as compared to classroom based training. Moreover, the user will cover in detail all mandatory subjects following a proven and effective online training system.


To register for our online courses, go to our online store and pay the required fee. Within 24 hours of receiving your payment, we will process your registration and email your individual user access credentials (user name and password).

School subscriptions are available for our Online Ground Schools: click here to order.


Once you have paid the required fee, we will immediately send you a confirmation of payment. Then, within 24 hours of sending your confirmation, you will be e-mailed separately a personal, confidential user access name and password. Your payment of the registration fee entitles you to unlimited, single user access to the appropriate online course for the selected subscription term, as counted from the day we e-mail your password and user-name. Following expiry of the subscription term, your registration will expire. If you wish to continue completing our online ground school beyond the expired term, you will have to re-register for another subscription term at our published rates. Your user-name and password are confidential and you agree as a condition of using our service that you will protect this private information and will not give away, transmit or divulge your user-name and/or password to third parties nor permit any non-registered user to access our service using your credentials.

Course Content and Structure

Our online ground school courses each consist of hundreds of sequenced questions that are programmed for self learning. Following each question frame is a link to the answer for that question, followed by a link to the next question. All questions have been assembled and grouped into major sections such as Air Law, Navigation, Theory of Flight, Flight Operations, Aviation Weather etc. Those that complete all questions in sequence and that carefully review and learn the answers and explanations provided will have comprehensively covered all the required, mandatory subject areas for the Canadian aviation licence or rating sought. Additionally, for each of our online courses, multiple sets of automated, self grading quizzes have been provided, along with a complete, simulated Transport Canada final exam (four final exams are provided in the case of our Aeroplane ATPL/IATRA/FAAAA online course). Click here for a sample question/answer that will show the basic format of our online ground schools.

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