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Culhane Aviation Training Manuals
Updates, Amendments and Revisions

While we do our best to keep our information current, from time to time amendments and revisions are necessary. Selected updates/revisions that we are providing for existing editions are provided below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Upon our release of a new, revised edition of any our texts, we consider all editions previous to the current edition to be time expired and we cease providing amendments to expired versions. In the interests of aviation safety, and in the interests of maximizing scoring potential on the latest TC writtens, we recommend that our users only study from our most current versions.


Customer/User Feedback
We appreciate user feedback! Please email us if you wish to provide us with any comments, recommendations or suggestions that would make our CURRENT products more effective (we will not respond to queries based on expired/out-dated texts). Many users of our texts have made helpful suggestions for improvements to our texts that help us to keep our materials on point!

IMPORTANT: If you are having difficulty with an exam question in one of our Written Test Books, please take the time to cross reference and carefully review and study the relevant material in our corresponding Ground School Course textbook before you contact us! All of our exam questions are cross referenced to our course texts - you can easily and quickly find the relevant background material and theory for all of our written test questions by referencing to our Ground School Course texts using our cross reference numbering system provided! Don't prepare for your written based only on "question-answer recognition" of our sample exam questions in our test books: for success on the TC writtens, you have to take the time to properly and thoroughly study our Ground School Course textbook BEFORE you attempt our tests; following this study plan you will have much greater baseline knowledge and strong command of the material and will see excellent written test results! STRONG STUDY EFFORT = STRONG TEST RESULTS! MINIMAL STUDY EFFORT = MINIMAL TEST RESULTS! And when you write one of our sample exams, treat it like the "real thing": write the whole exam before you check the answers, keep to the time limit, complete our GS Course in full before attempting our sample exams etc. Follow our plan and you will develop important test taking skills and your results on our sample exams will more accurately reveal your strengths and weaknesses!



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