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FAQ: Online Exams

Is there any limit on how many times I can complete your online exams or is there any pre-set scoring threshold that must be achieved on one of your tests before I can move on to other exams? No, we impose no such limits. There is no daily limit on how many times you may attempt or re-attempt the exams. As well, there is no pre-established score or threshold that must be achieved prior to being permitted to re-write any of our tests. However, there is an overall 60 day time limit in which to complete our online exams, after which time your access to our service will expire (access can be renewed for further 60 days by re-registering).

Are your exams automatically graded or do I have to wait for my test to be scored? Our tests are graded immediately: simply select the "grade exam" button at the bottom of our test and your score will be immediately calculated. If you don't like your score, you can "reload" the test immediately and try again, after which your re-try will be automatically regraded etc.

Do your exams come with a "stopwatch" feature so that I can practice completing your exams within the required time limit? Yes - excepting only the PSTAR exams (for which there is no mandatory time limit) all our online exams come with an optional countdown timer that is pre-set to the prescribed time limit. Our count-down timer feature offers the opportunity to add realism to the exam writing experience so that you will be better prepared at completing exams within the prescribed time limits. Our count-down timer can be re-set any time at your option by selecting "re-load" on your web browser (our timer feature is based on JavaScript so you will need to have JavaScript activated in order to have this function available).

Do your online exams come with the correct answers? Yes. For every exam, answer keys and subject cross references are provided.

Why is it necessary to have access to your textbooks to complete your online exams? Users of our online exams will require access to our textbooks so as to refer to aircraft performance data, tables or aviation charts as part of the course content, or to look up definitions or abbreviations, or to serve as a rich and useful source of supplemental content for further review and study of the applicable subjects. As well, the paragraph numbering and ordering of the subjects in our textbooks offers matches with the system used to reference the questions in the online exams. Thus users can cross reference the subject areas and backgound theory behind all questions in our online exams.

Will you be immediately sending me spam and unwanted promotional pitches if I give you my e-mail address to register for access to your exams? Absolutely not! The ONLY reason we will need your e-mail address if you register for our online exams is for the payment processing phase to send you a confirmation of purchase and, within 48 hours of processing payment, to send you your confidential user access credentials. We promise not to use your e-mail address or any other personal information for any improper secondary purpose, and, other than dealing with your credit card issuer as needed to process payment, we promise never to divulge your personal information to third parties under any circumstances. We are very much against "spamming" and sending unsolicited promotions and never engage in such practices. We do not force you to give up your privacy by requiring that you "agree" to being put on a promotions list as a condition of using our service.

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