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Our Culhane line of training manuals can provide your aviation business with a healthy, continuous revenue stream, year after year. The following are some basic guidelines to help you sell our industry leading training products.

Make sure that your customers know that you carry Culhane training manuals! Our training manuals are well known and very effective for self study for canadian aviation exam prep for all levels of pilot licences and ratings, fixed wing and rotary wing. Our training manuals have been used by many of Canada's pilots since 1988 to succeed on aviation exams.

Be sure that you stock both the Ground School Courses and Written Test Books and remind customers of the purposes behind them. Our training manuals are divided into two major divisions - our Ground School Courses, which provide the background theory, and our Written Test Books, which provide supplemental exams. Since our manuals are intended to be used as a pair, for the particular licence sought, they should normally be sold in pairs i.e. Ground School Course and Written Test Book. For example, if a customer intends to purchase one of our Ground School Courses, without the matching Written Test Book (or vice versa) you should ensure that the customer is made aware that the Written Test Book should also be obtained since it is linked to the course and will greatly enhance the customer's scoring prospects on the written exam. Some customers are aware of this and simply prefer to buy each required manual at different times to save costs i.e. once he or she has completed the course, he or she would return to purchase the test book. Accordingly, our dealers should keep sufficient inventory of both our courses and test books.

Stock a wide selection of our titles! There are a variety of Culhane titles to fit specialized aviation interest demand such as for flight dispatchers, AME's, helicopter pilots, etc. for which there is good niche market demand beyond the "mainstream" PPL/CPL aeroplane licences. You would be surprized at how many aeroplane pilots "cross over" to become flight dispatchers, convert from fixed wing qualifications to helicopter etc.! Stock some of these specialized texts and you often find it worthwile to do so!

Remind customers that we offer FREE AMENDMENTS AND UPDATES to our training manuals on our website! Some customers may not be aware that since there is a rapid rate of change to the aviation training system in Canada, we regularly post amendments to our manuals on our website in the "updates" section. This can be useful for students who need to keep current on any recent changes.

Ensure that a customer has obtained all secondary study items when purchasing our manuals, such as flight computers, chart rules, protracters, etc. Some customers may not be aware that certain equipment is needed even at advanced levels: for example, at the ATPL level, customers using our manuals may prefer to have a CR-type circular flight computer for many of the questions and exercises and an ASA CX3 electronic flight computer will be useful for all pilots and flight dispatchers using our texts!

Culhane inventory. For inventory purposes, remember that in most aviation product retail operations, sales will closely follow the number of licences issued, from most popular to most specialized. There will be many more customers that will seek Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot level products than will be interested in Helicopter or Airline Transport level products. Thus be sure to keep the greatest inventory at the more basic licences and order proportionally less advanced materials. As well, remember that yearly sales of our training manuals will tend to generally follow historic sales patterns.

Dealer prices and discounts: shop around! Depending on your ordering volume, it may be more advantageous to order directly with a Canadian aviation products distributor rather than with us. For example, if you only need a few titles, discounts offered by our authorized distributors could be better than ours. Be sure to shop around to get the best discounts on our product based on your ordering patterns. Since we supply distributors with our products, we take no issue whether dealers prefer to buy direct from us or from our distributors since our sales are enhanced in either case.

Product visibility and presentation. Keeping product in displays where it will be visible to customers is important. If the product is kept in a closed cupboard, desk or storeroom, customers may not be aware that the particular title(s) is on-hand and available. Keeping our products visible whether at your shop or online store will enhance sales!

Online Training Products. Remind customers that our training texts will be necessary to complete our ONLINE GROUND SCHOOL and ONLINE EXAMS (so as to access charts, tables and performance data). Thus, customers interested in completing online studies with our online products will need to purchase our texts from our authorized dealers! So this way, even customers taking our online courses/exams will still need to purchase our training manuals from you and you will not lose sales for our online products!

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